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Fcon 2021 - British Fantasy Convention

Where are the Pilgrims gonna be this year at #Fcon 2021? Come along and get drunk at our panels! Friday 5.30pm – Bringing Character Panel Room 2 Neil Williamson (Moderator), Jen Williams, Phil Sloman (not the best legs in horror anymore), Myk Pilgrim (current undefeated best legs in horror, because Tim Lebbon keeps getting disqualified) Saturday 12.30am – On Screen Panel Room 2 Myk Pilgrim (Moderator), Gavin Smith , Adam Simcox Saturday 1.30pm – In Audio Panel Room 3 Charlotte Bond (Moderator), Pippa Bailey, Pauline Kirk, E. M. Faulds Saturday 6.30pm - Reviews on Trial Panel Room 3 Pippa Bailey (Moderator), Jim G Mcleod , David Watkins , Duncan Bradshaw

See you in the bar!

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