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Fiction by Myk Pilgrim

“The Nun's Cat” by Myk Pilgrim
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The Wicked Library Presents: 13 Wicked Tales: A Wicked Library Anthology

5 stars - 
2019’s Best Horror Anthology
The Nun’s Cat by Myk Pilgrim
This was a fantastic read. Moves right along and has such realistic depictions of actual human beings and how they handle tragedy. The source of the horror is both literal and interpretive and I was just shocked at how fast this one moved and some of the places it ends up going.
- Paimonaeon

“A Bag Full of Flesh” by Myk Pilgrim
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Among the Headstones: Creepy Tales from the Graveyard: Gothic Ghost and Horror Stories

This book presents twenty-seven of the finest - and creepiest - graveyard tales with stories by established writers, classic authors and fresh voices.

Here you'll find Gothic ghost stories by Robert Ellis, Lee Murray, Greg Chapman, Morgan Pryce, Rayne Hall, Guy de Maupassant, Myk Pilgrim, Zachary Ashford, Amelia Edwards, Nina Wibowo, Krystal Garrett, Tylluan Penry, Ambrose Bierce, Cinderella Lo, Nikki Tait, Arthur Conan Doyle, Priscilla Bettis, Kyla Ward, Edgar Allan Poe, Paul D Dail, Cameron Trost, Pamela Turner, William Meikle and Lord Dunsany who thrill with their eerie, macabre and sometimes quirky visions.

You'll visit graveyards in Britain, Indonesia, Russia, China, Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand, USA, Australia, South Africa and Japan, and you can marvel at the burial customs of other cultures.

Now let's open the gate - can you hear it creak on its hinges? - and enter the realm of the dead. Listen to the wind rustling the yew, the grating of footsteps on gravel, the hoo-hoo-hoo of the collared dove. Run your fingers across the tombstones to feel their lichen-rough sandstone or smooth cool marble. Inhale the scents of decaying lilies and freshly dug earth.

But be careful... someone may be watching your every movement... They may be right behind you.

Among the Headstones - Book Cover - Rayne Hall.jpg
“Brownie” by Myk Pilgrim
Amazon UK

Dark Places, Evil Faces is Volume 2 in this Horror and Dark Suspense anthology series. Including works of fiction by Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Jack Ketchum and many more. All the proceeds raised from the sale of this book will be donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

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