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Bloody Stockings: Bite-Sized Horror for Christmas

Bite-sized Horror Book #2


Winter is somehow a far more sinister time, and in Bloody Stockings, the chill has fully set in.

Between these blood-soaked pages, you'll find tales of murderous carollers, a urine-soaked Elvis impersonator, lonely snowmen, an unconventional advent calendar, flaming turkeys, and humbugs looking for a place to nest.

Sit down in front of the fire with the ones you love the most (and your family too), gorge yourself on gingerbread, guzzle down all the eggnog you want, and enjoy this blood-soaked ode to the second most wonderful time of the year.


Reviews of Bloody Stockings

"The tag-team duo of authors Pippa Bailey and Myk Pilgrim join forces again for a holiday-themed collection of Christmas horror stories that bring not only the creepy and horrific, but the laughs as well. Both authors are in fine form in this follow up to POISONED CANDY from Halloween. The difference, other than the theme is the abandonment of the strict guidelines of 100 words; no more no less. This allows for some ideas to be expanded upon with excellent results. If you read Poisoned Candy and loved it, there is no excuse to not get this one as well. It's a perfect reading companion for the Christmas season. Just brilliant work from both authors. I look forward to their solo endeavors, but it's really cool to see two writers join forces in such a fun way.

You won't be disappointed!"


Nelson W. Pyles

Author, Creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library Podcast

"Yes, I know Christmas is not for a further 345 days (at going to press), but a lot of people are already preparing, buying discounted cards and wrapping paper. So let me help you pick one of your Christmas reads. Bloody Stockings has 63 short stories. Each story will take you no longer than 10 minutes to read, ideal for reading in between wrapping your Christmas presents. The stories cover everything Christmassy and even includes an alternative to the 12 days of Christmas.
The majority of these stories had me laughing out loud and it was a good job that I was reading this whilst at home. Some of the funnier stories were the ones about the tedious stuff we do at Christmas. “Plucking Hell Jo” was about customers shopping for their turkey. “Who Needs Gifts When You’ve Got Possessions” is not your usual family Christmas get together. “Second Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to me-Two Flaming Turkeys.” tells the dangerous story of Charlie and Burt cooking the turkeys. You also have your Santa stories where the elves were not always nice and cute. “Rudolph the Amalgamation” The story about how one elf saves Christmas after Santa crashes the sleigh. “Reindeer on the Roof” this story enforces the reason why you leave milk and cookies out for Santa. “ When Chuckles Smiles” is the story about an elf who gets an extreme makeover.
Whilst I am writing this review I am still laughing at 2 other stories “Movies, Mischief and Miss-spellings” Mercedes watches her favourite film with her friend Laura and the ending is not what was expected and “Santa Gets a Surprise” Lauren finds an old VHS tape in their new home and decides to watch it on a public video recorder.
One of my favourite stories was “Hogmanay Sky” This story was beautifully written, you could feel the love that Teri-Ann and Amanda had for each other. This story was haunting and even though short, you learn a lot about Teri-Ann and Amanda. I would love to read more of their story.
This is the first book I have read from this collaboration and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is the perfect stocking filler for all Horror lovers. As the blurb says it is blood-soaked."


Yvonne Davies

Reviewer, formerly of Terror Tree

"This collection comes with a prior warning that these stories are not for the faint-hearted and boy, was that an understatement! From homicidal Santas to ferocious gingerbread men - this assortment of short stories is certain to pack a (Christmas) punch! If you're looking for a fun holiday read whilst trying to keep down your Christmas dinner, or you need a fix of some dastardly cruel tales, you're in the right place! I really hope Pippa and Myk decide to release further holiday collections as I for one, am gagging for more!"


Drew Forest

Author of The Screaming Scarecrows of Silence Falls

 "Festive. Feral. Frightening. And fun! If you enjoyed Poisoned Candy, Rancid Eggs, and Devil’s Night, you’ll love this festive entry in the Bad Candy series from Pugnacious Press. If you love sick, offensive and highly amusing dark humour then don’t forget to write to Bad Santa and tell him you’d like to go on his naughty list; and ask him for Bloody Stockings this Xmas."



(Amazon Review)

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