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Veronica Abbott the Queen of Cuss

Veronica Abbott is a writer who exists in the glorious gap between unconsciousness and the outskirts of bourbon.

She currently lives in San Francisco where she spends her time writing offensive things while her boss has his back turned.

Veronica's hobbies include petting every dog she can, drinking bourbon, drinking bourbon, drinking more bourbon, and yelling the word cunt at the top of her lungs whenever possible.

Some might say she's crass, but she says those folks are cunts.

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I only do twitter

The "Obligatory" News Feed

2nd May 2020

The Little Book of Harm


The Little Book of Harm is a pocketbook of terrible advice and bad mantras, that I had a laugh collecting and compiling.


The folks at Pugnacious Press have against all odds agreed to publish my fucking horrible words on my behalf.

They sent me a bottle of Wild Turkey and assured me that I won't have to deal with people - both of these situations I find agreeable. Apparently, the book will be coming out in the next few weeks. 


As long as I have something to drink, I don't really care. 

Updates will follow here.

The Little book of harm by Veronica Abbo
8th May 2020
The Little Book of Harm - available for pre-order NOW!
Public release on Wednesday 13th May 2020

Pugnacious Press proudly presents The Little Book of Harm.

A lifestyle guide to rot and ruin, from the chaotic mind of Veronica Abbott, The Queen of Cuss


200 self-destructive ideas guaranteed to add a little pandemonium to any situation.

Be inspired to wash less and drink more.

The Little Book of Harm will be released into the wild on Wednesday 13th May 2020 and you can pre-order it right now at any of the links below.


But, if you can't wait to poison your soul, you can snag yourself a digital copy of The Little Book of Harm right now (and a colossal buttload of other dubious content) by signing up to the Pugnacious Patreon for a single measly dollar.

Pugnacious Press Patreon 

Free for patrons - The Little Book of Harm 



Pre-order The Little Book of Harm here:

Amazon UK: 


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Apple Books: 

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Angus & Robertson: 

The Little book of harm by Veronica Abbo
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