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Poisoned Candy: Bite-Sized Horror for Halloween

Bite-sized Horror Book #1

Poisoned Candy ebk cover 3.0.png

From the Authors of Devil's Night and the publishers of The Little Book of Harm, comes Poisoned Candy, a collection of 100 Halloween short stories.


Within Poisoned Candy you will find a world where the only thing scarier than the monster under your bed, is the person tucking you in. Where pumpkins bite back, and the stench of death is cut with bubblegum and candy corn.


So come door to door and enjoy a deadly, delectable offering of short fiction with a vile sense of humour.



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Reviews of Poisoned Candy

"I read this book in one evening. I could not put it down. The stories are wonderfully creative, darkly humorous, shocking, horrifying, and wholly entertaining. This collection is full of surprises.

It is completely shelf worthy. Creative. Shocking. Entertaining. Highly recommended."

Lisa Lee Tone

Reviewer at Bibliophilia Templum: Reviews and Resources for the daring reader

"Glimpses at things gone wrong, flashes of darkness and love and loss. I personally loved how some of the stories flowed into others, and how each terrified in its own unique way."

Guy S. Medley

Marketing Agent, Crystal Lake Publishing


"This is the work of two authors firing on all on all cylinders. I really hope these two do more work together, because the results are really terrifyingly enjoyable."


Nelson W. Pyles

Author, Creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library Podcast

"I thoroughly enjoyed these fun-sized bites of horror. Even when restricted to one hundred words apiece there is not a single dud. Keep an eye out (ouch!) for the amusing adverts for horrific products I hope are strictly fictional."

Josef Matulich

Author of Camp Arcanum


"Funny. Gory. Twisted. And creepy.
Writing 100-word stories is no easy task - especially if you set yourself the task to write a hundred of them, all under the banner of Halloween. And Myk Pilgrim and Pippa Bailey pull it off with great aplomb. Their personalities shine through in their storytelling which is one of the elements that make these tales so enjoyable. Each tale ends with either a twist or a punchline or sometimes even a poignant idea for the reader to ponder.

The interesting thing while reading this book was that, much like when I’m eating sweets/candy, I found myself saying: “just one more; oh go on then this is the last one; nope, I mean it this time. Last one...” It was addictive.

Whether you already read bite-sized/ 100-word horror or whether you want to try it for the first time, I highly recommend giving Poisoned Candy a go. It doesn’t disappoint. I’ll definitely be adding their other books, Rancid Eggs, Devil’s Night and Bloody Stockings, to my reading pile. Can’t wait to see what their next projects bring."


Mark Young

Author of Coven

"This was a fun little collection of micro-fiction that I would rate 3.5/5. I think the collection is a combination of several things. Some micro-fictions pack a brilliant punch, which is amazing since they're a couple of lines long. Often times it's worth giving two or three reads just to see all the nuances that are in the stories. Some of the poisoned candy bits are poems, which were a lot of fun and added a different kind of spice to the collection.

As a reading experience, I think this is a fun bit of horror fun. But where I see the value in this collection is in how some of the titles within could actually serve as brilliant prompts in a horror-writing class. That comment is meant to convey two things: 1. Sometimes I wanted that idea, that concept to be developed and fully fleshed out and the bite-sized horror left me wanting the king-sized candy bar version. 2. The ideas/concepts are wickedly inspiring and I think in a classroom setting, it could lead to the development of future horror writers. It's an odd assessment but one I'm sticking to, because there's enough information to give you an idea and enough room to run with it and shape your style.

Another wonderful surprise were the ads in the collection. These were are laugh out loud funny and man would I love to see a double (or triple feature) of fully fleshed stories with the ads in film form. Time and time again, I found myself in the groove of reading bite-sized horrors but almost squealing from excitement to see what messed up gag-ad Myk and Pippa came up with.

In short, it might not be your cup of formaldehyde, but this is a lot of fun. Sometimes there are absolutely brilliant gems, sometimes you'll see micro-stories that are set up and developed like a wicked stand-up joke, some poems are interlaced in the mix, the crazy ads are brilliant, and some of the bits feel like the perfect prompts for a horror class, and I can't stress that enough as a highlight of this collection. For readers, I think this can be fun. For future writers, I think it can be life-altering."


J.D. Estrada

Author of Given to Fly, Dreams on the Sherbet Shore, & Only Human

"This collection is awesome! I love these bite-sized stories and each one had its own flavour. More than a few gave me a giggle, one had me squirming as it played out. While another was just brutal and ‘why! Why would you write this!??"


Peter Germany

Author for Burdizzo Books

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