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Audio Fiction by Myk Pilgrim

“A Fish Doesn’t Know” by Myk Pilgrim The Wicked Library 1011:
What a Fish Doesn't Know FREE audio story on The Wicked Library
Season 10 continues with a wet and Wicked wild wade into the waves.

Nicola Hope is exhausted, tired, buggered even.

She spends most of her time sweating like a pig in the Horny Haggis kitchen, but now that she's done for the day, all she wants is to sit at the bar and guzzle down all the beer in the world - and maybe just maybe, if she's lucky enough, she might even score a little action. It's always nice not to spend the night alone. 

But that all disintegrates like a politician’s promise when her mother texts. Mostly everything Nicola loves crumbles when Mammie touches them, and Mammie likes nothing more than touching the things that make her daughter happy.

Set in Dreich, the same damp Scottish town as "The Nun's Cat", Myk Pilgrim's contribution to The Wicked Library's 13 Wicked Tales Anthology – “A Fish Doesn't Know” is about the terrible joy at seeing yourself as you are.

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