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Myk Pilgrim
Horror writer, Halloween nut, Bald Feminist, & all-round putz.


Myk Pilgrim is partially bald by genetic mishap but totally bald by choice.


He lives in a tiny cottage, in an even littler Scottish town where he spends every free moment consuming stories and watching films with his writing partner and wife Pippa Bailey. Although he has been surgically sterilised, they are trying for puppies.

Myk writes supernatural horror fiction with a sense of humour and an unapologetic cathartic streak – but only when he runs out of excuses not to. He hopes his work will hurt and touch you in that special way the best stories do.

His fiction has appeared on the Wicked Library podcast, The Wicked Library Presents: 13 Wicked Tales: A Wicked Library Anthology, Dark Places Evil Faces 2, Frisson Comics, Sirens Call Magazine, and in Bite-sized Horror collections Poisoned Candy, Bloody Stockings, Rancid Eggs, and Devil’s Night.

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News Feed:

On Screen Panel
Fantasycon 2021
Myk Pilgrim (Moderator), Gavin Smith, Adam Simcox, Tim Lebbon, & Kelly White

Fantasy and Horror on screen. With the profusion of streaming services and channels available to the audience, has our appetite for the genres on the small and the big screen changed?
What are the interactions between the screen and the page? Our panel consider their own experiences and offer some insight into film and television.​

And, also a drinking game.

11th January 2021
Surviving to Level 36


I’m celebrating my new status as a level 36 bard the way I spend ALL my major milestones, by getting drunk with my best friend Pippa Pilgrim  (who coincidentally, and not all by accident, is now also my legal property).

If you need me to explain how that last punchline works, please show yourself out – I have better things to do.

Beyond saying thank you to everyone for your well wishes, birthday greetings and love I want to give you a gift, two gifts actually.

The first, I want you to take a moment and reach out to someone you love (not me) and make sure they know how much you love them. This is important, don’t assume they know, make sure you tell them. Some days those messages are the difference between choosing to stay on the chessboard and people giving up.

The second gift is a little harder, but will free up more emotional bandwidth than you could ever imagine – think long and hard about it though, because this is a big one.

Say no to someone today, look at what they don’t bring to your life, or rather how much of your spirit they unapologetically eat, and cut them out of your world. 

Trust me this will hurt, but it will utterly change the landscape of your universe. Of all the things I’ve learned in my life, this is the single thing I wish I’d understood sooner.

You owe nobody anything, blood doesn’t equal allegiance, you choose your own family. 

You curate who you allow into your life.
I promise that once you stop forcing yourself to be “polite” to your racist uncle, your narcissistic mother, or your abusive sibling, the scope of your world will open.

The power of the word “no” is earthshaking.

If someone or something doesn’t fill you with joy, say no and remove them/it from your orbit. Future you will toast you, they will remember your sacrifice fondly, and be grateful for your strength and kindness.

Do it now, be unapologetic because this is your life. Your ONE life, and if you don’t choose how you spend your precious hours – someone else will.

I love you all, thank you for making my life a wonderful place to be. I am beyond grateful for all of you.

Hail yourself, happy unbirthday everyone.

But not you donald trump, you’re a hateful cunt.

7th December 2020
Life in Quarantine Day #260 - Writing projects, Brewing your own booze, & Cults
In which Myk goes on an epic recap of the last four months in lockdown.
Baking, writing, boozing, and taking time to rest. Also some film recommendations AND a ramble about why people join cults. Happy holidays folks, wear a mask, stay safe, and tell poisonous people to fuck off.
I love you all,
Myk Pilgrim Pippa Bailey Horror Writer.j
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5th November 2020
All that is required for evil to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing.
I know that trump isn't the reason that America is the way it is, but by being in the white house he has set a precedent that you can be a racist and liar and a bigot in public without consequence.
Now, people all over the world think they can copy him, because like it or not, the world follows in America's footsteps.

Fashion in Soweto in the 70's was dictated by USA media.
We use colloquialisms, slang, and shorthand because that's how America do.
Mostly all of the world's entertainment diet comes from Holywood.
Like it or not, it affects us all.

A vote for trump, isn't just a vote for trump, it's a declaration that woman are subhuman things only good for receiving your seed.
You are actively saying that black people should be shot in the street. 
You are saying that LGBTQ people deserve death. 
You choose him over millions of people who have been abandoned to die in this pandemic.
You are siding with the KKK and white supremacists. 
You endorse hatred and division, you are okay with lies, with children in cages.

That is what you are choosing and you know it. 
This has never been a "let's agree to disagree issue" if you choose him, you're against all the rest of humanity.

Your silence is endorsement.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
― Edmund Burke

9th August 2020
“A Fish Doesn’t Know” by Myk Pilgrim The Wicked Library 1011:
Season 10 continues with a wet and Wicked wild wade into the waves.

Nicola Hope is exhausted, tired, buggered even.

She spends most of her time sweating like a pig in the Horny Haggis kitchen, but now that she's done for the day, all she wants is to sit at the bar and guzzle down all the beer in the world - and maybe just maybe, if she's lucky enough, she might even score a little action. It's always nice not to spend the night alone. 

But that all disintegrates like a politician’s promise when her mother texts. Mostly everything Nicola loves crumbles when Mammie touches them, and Mammie likes nothing more than touching the things that make her daughter happy.

Set in Dreich, the same damp Scottish town as "The Nun's Cat", Myk Pilgrim's contribution to The Wicked Library's 13 Wicked Tales Anthology – “A Fish Doesn't Know” is about the terrible joy at seeing yourself as you are.

Listen to A Fish Doesn't know for FREE right now at
Wicked Library Website
or  iTunes   Spreaker

wicked library s10e11.jpg
Told by: Erika Sanderson


Custom Score: Nico Vettese

Voice of the Librarian: Nelson W. Pyles | Artwork: Jeanette Andromeda | Host / Producer / Showrunner: Daniel Foytik | Executive Producers: Cynthia LowmanNelson W. PylesNico VetteseScarlett R. Algee 

Lead Editor: Scarlet R. Algee


Get your copy of The Wicked Library Presents: 13 Wicked Tales on Kindle, or in print.  Visit to get your copy today.

Full Book Reading for Quarantine Poisoned Candy: Bite-sized Horror for Halloween
12th April 2020 - Easter (humpin' bunny day)
Live reading of our first collection Poisoned Candy! Poisoned Candy was released October 2018 - featuring ONE HUNDRED, one-hundred-word stories. It was a hell of a challenge but we think you'll enjoy our endeavours to entertain you during the apocalypse.

24th Feb 2020
Figured I'd better start harping on about my best legs status before Tim Lebbon gets a leg in (see what I did there?) and kicks this award into the big leagues (yes I did it again)

Between you and me though, CC Adams was absolutely fucking robbed.
By me, I robbed him.
Sorry not sorry.


Thanks Phil Sloman for not kicking me in the teeth.

28th January 2020
Taking time to rest & Lovecraftian video games 
In which Myk rants about how much writing he hasn't been doing and subsequently goes on at length about the video games he's been playing.
19th December 2019
Pre-Xmas 2019 update - 13 Wicked Tales & Devil's Night
In which Myk has a new camera and he rambles on about how awesome Pippa Bailey is. Also, an unsolicited rant about festive spending.


Devil's Night: Bite-sized Horror for Halloween

31st October 2019

A collection of Bite-sized horror short stories for Halloween - designed to thrill, chill, and get you good and damp in the pants region.

Welcome back, boils and ghouls, monsters and misfits, preternaturals and perverts, to the undisputed most wonderful time of the year!

Available now on Devil's Night: Bite-sized Horror for Halloween is dripping with teleplasm, attended by a murderous hamster, a ravenous house, necrophilia, a smatterings of cat faeces, and also there's a skeleton called Bob.

Seriously check it out, you won't be sorry, unless you are, but if you are the sort that would be sorry about a choosing recreational necrophilia fiction, well, then this was never going to end well for you anyway.

For the rest of you horror nuts - the book's a fucking hoot and I should know.


The Wicked Library Presents: 13 Wicked Tales
OUT 31/10/2019


30st October 2019 (That's Pre-lloween in case you were wondering)

From an early age, we are taught to fear the unknown; to be afraid of what we do not understand. You're about to discover that what you do know can not only hurt you, but can scare you to death!


The award-winning horror fiction podcast has gathered thirteen amazingly talented authors from around the world to explore the very notion that learning about the unknown can have terrifying results.


Step inside, kiddies... It's storytime at The Wicked Library.

17th August 2019
Spilling Ink show - The Bald and The Beautiful, author edition!
Pip and I hang out with Jason LaVelle, Katie Solidas, Michaelbrent Collings, and J.E. Taylor to rejoice in the wonders of baldness, indulge in some fairly sweary swearing, and talk about Jason's questionable hobbies.
16th August 2019
The End of Summer - Bald Vlog
Myk rambles on about projects, moving house, the end of summer, and recommends you check out Midsommar. 

Bald is Beautiful Episode - on Spilling Ink
8pm EST on Saturday 17th August 2019


The Raven Podcast Episode 19: Abyssal Fluid by Pippa Bailey


The Raven Podcast Episode 24: Lagomorph Horror by Myk Pilgrim:


Should I watch MidSommar? (no spoilers)


I know what you did last Midsommar 2019 💀 Horror Talk #023 *SPOILERS*


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