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The Little Book of Harm

Bad Advice for Harmful Living Book #1 (Bad Advice for Terrifying Times)

The Little book of harm by Veronica Abbo

From the chaotic mind of Veronica Abbott, the Queen of Cuss, comes The Little Book of Harm, the essential manual for any creature hellbent on self-destruction.

This little black book is oozing with terrible ideas guaranteed to add a little pandemonium to any situation.

So, open it to any page and get inspired to go out and be your worst.
This is not a book for the proactive, the peaceful, or the faint of stomach.


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Reviews of The Little Book of Harm

"Darkness as Therapy - Veronica Abbott is the dark, hilarious voice we need in this time of uncertainty.

If you don't like crass humor, you will either hate this book, or be converted. Dark uncomfortable laughs here!."


Nelson W. Pyles

Author, Creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library Podcast

"Very funny dark humour! Does Veronica Abbott do stand up comedy? If not, she should. Or at least write for a comedian. Warped. Dark. Offensive. And bloody hilarious. This book comes with a trigger warning and makes fun of dark topics. So if you’re sensitive and easily offended move along. However, if you’re not - then you’re gonna love this as much as I did. These are the kind of jokes (one/two liners) I’d never hear as a kid and my Dad would always say “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” If you’re looking looking for a cheap night out, forget it. Stay in and buy this book instead. It’s well worth it!"



Amazon review

"Dark humour that, in the main, works well ...Super-fast read, comprised of mostly one or two-line gags and observations with a dark or contentious edge. As with any book with a broad range of material, the enjoyment of this will be dependent on your taste in humour and sensitivity to the subject matter.

From this reviewer’s perspective, there were a few belly laughs, lots of smiles and a few groaners. Interestingly, there were clearly some subjects that remained off-the-table and the book still had a restrained feel to it.

Overall, this is a good, fast-paced, dip in and out read that will appeal to those who are looking for dark humour and an innovative approach to the horror genre.

In short, it might not be your cup of formaldehyde, but this is a lot of fun. Sometimes there are absolutely brilliant gems, sometimes you'll see micro-stories that are set up and developed like a wicked stand-up joke, some poems are interlaced in the mix, the crazy ads are brilliant, and some of the bits feel like the perfect prompts for a horror class, and I can't stress that enough as a highlight of this collection. For readers, I think this can be fun. For future writers, I think it can be life-altering."


D Jeffery

Amazon review

"The anti book of calm

A delightful little book of amusing advice that no one should ever take except maybe the corpse at a party one. Well it is a talking point?"


Kelly Rickard 

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