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About us

Welcome to Pugnacious Press, Proud independent Publishers, and purveyors of the Weird and Unusual.


Owned by horror authors and publishers Myk Pilgrim and Pippa Bailey, forged in the fires of a half-arsed barbecue, in a rainy Scottish backyard, in 2018, and lubricated by several bottles of cheap cider.


Pugnacious Press crawled from the ashes, a screaming bastard of horror fiction. Many years on and a handful of seasonal themed horror collections later. Pugnacious Press has blossomed into the awkward pre-pubescence monstrosity that stands before you. With over twenty years of experience between its co-founders and hundreds of short stories published, you can join them on their creative journey.

Author, Publisher, & Formatter.

How to know you're talking to the Pippa 101:

  • Bald from the neck down.

  • Will most likely be holding a mug of tea.

  • Farts indiscriminately.

  • Responds to Pippa more often than Myk.

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Pippa Bailey Pilgrim.jpg

Author, Graphic designer, & Administrator. 

How to know you're talking to the Myk 101:

  • Bald from the neck up

  • Really likes the word "Hectic"

  • Will most likely be holding a mug of tea for Pippa

  • Responds to anything you call him if you have some biltong on offer.

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