Devil's Night: Bite-Sized Horror for Halloween

Bite-sized Horror Book #4

Halloween has returned in all its dark and depraved glory, and Devil's Night: Bite-sized horror for Halloween will satisfy your carnal urges for death, decay, and sugar with a dubious collection of bite-sized horror stories.

This short horror fiction goody bag is brimming with poisoned candy, ravenous haunted houses, casual necrophilia, yummy scrummy cat faeces, teleplasm, and of course an angry skeleton called Bob. 

So slip into something a lot more creepy (we suggest your Nan’s nightie) crack open a cold cider and dip into Devil's Night: Bite-sized Horror for Halloween!


Reviews of Devil's Night

"Pippa Bailey and Myk Pilgrim return to form with the all-new Devil's Night collection. Simply put, the two authors deliver hard with tight sharp wit, humour and horror hand in hand. 

As it should be."

Nelson W. Pyles

Author, creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library Podcast

"A few tales had me so enveloped that I kept looking over my shoulder! - This is my first time reading a book by these authors and now I want to read the other Bite-sized horror books they have published. I will definitely keep this duo on my literary radar and you should too!"

Christina Eleanor

Reviewer, beta reader, and owner of The Voracious Gnome blog


"We are served up some monstrous treats in the form of THEG and Mannagishi, and had I been drinking by the time I reached the end of Bedtime for Billy-Boy I would’ve choked and spat my drink out.

It’s that good. Another great offering from the macabre Pilgrim/Bailey candy store.

Can’t wait to drop by for my next bite."


Mark Young

Author of Coven

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