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Rancid Eggs: Bite-Sized Horror for Easter

Bite-sized Horror Book #3


From the Authors of Devil's Night and the publishers of The Little Book of Harm, comes Rancid Eggs, a collection of bite-sized horror stories for Easter.

Delve into Rancid Eggs: Bite-sized horror for Easter and join an orgy of chocolate and bunnies, celebrating what Easter is really about... copious amounts of gore, excess, and humping, glorious, glorious humping.

Between these sticky pages, you'll find rampant rabbits, rebirth, a lively Sunday dinner, and lashings of melted chocolate covered horrors.

So, stick on a smile, smear that chocolate on your genitals, and prepare to have your mind blown and pants destroyed.


Reviews of Rancid Eggs

"Rancid Eggs is the latest in a series of holiday-themed anthologies that is becoming somewhat of a tradition from authors Pippa Bailey and Myk Pilgrim and what a tradition it’s been! Starting with Halloween, the Christmas, the two have vigorously assaulted Easter. Both hilarious and disturbing, these two have once again taken a beloved holiday and made it something that it has not traditionally been; frightening and unnerving. I hope these two continue you this year after year and volume after volume. They have created their own niche and it shows. Brilliant and fun work!"
Nelson W. Pyles
Author, Creator and executive producer of The Wicked Library Podcast

"Rancid Eggs is a delectable collection of drabbles and short stories perfect for your rotten little heart! Pippa and Myk once again deliver tasteless bunny horror that is hysterical! I found it to be a fast read because I could not put the book down. The posters between the stories made me laugh and cringe all at the same time! There were so many I liked, that I can not name just one story as a favorite. You never know what kind of story will come from their demented minds. Myk and Pippa definitely execute well with this collection!"

Christina Eleanor

The Voracious Gnome


"Myk and Pippa have done it again... and I think this might be their grossest, most fun collection yet.
As each holiday season rolls around, I eagerly await the next instalment of pus-fuelled, vomit-inducing shorts from these two talented writers and this bunch of Easter-themed stories does not disappoint!

Be warned, these stories include strong themes which would appeal to those who take their horror with a healthy heap of shock and humour. Sound up your street? Grab a copy of Rancid Eggs to make even your foulest friends jealous!"


Drew R Forest

"Just when you thought it was safe to go egg hunting at Easter along comes Rancid Eggs - another horrifying holiday-inspired collection of drabbles, flash fiction and short stories.

If you thought things couldn’t get any darker and more horrific than Poisoned Candy and Devil’s Night then think again. Horror duo Bailey and Pilgrim dig deep into their debauched souls to bring us tales beyond anything they’ve published before. This book comes with trigger warnings and quite rightly so. This hilarious offering is strictly intended for the depraved and the perverted.

Like their previous books, this one comes with some very inventive creature creations, great twists and darkly comical climaxes (quite literally in many cases).

I’m not one to easily scare or shock but there were several times I winced and scoffed at some of the terrors they’ve created. After all, isn’t that partly what horror is all about?

I thoroughly enjoy B & P’s work and I’m glad to say that they certainly upped the ante with Rancid Eggs. They dare to go places a lot of authors wouldn’t. So if you’re not sexually prudish, highly sensitive or faint-hearted; and you’re looking for a quick horror fix then go ahead - pull the trigger and flip the page. I dare you. No, I double-dare you."


Mark Young

Author of Coven and The Heartbreaker

"If you are easily offended by crass humor, violence, and a wide variety of irreverence, best stay clear from this often hilarious, frequently gross, and constantly F'd up series of bite-sized horror stories. I've read Myk and Pippa before in their Halloween collection "Poisoned Candy" and although it's very fun, I felt I saw more potential and glimpses of brilliance than I saw fully fleshed short stories. I remember reading it and feeling that collection was perfect for a Horror Writing 101 seminar and I stand by that opinion. This collection however, pulls no punches, gives no damns, and is extremely satisfying if you have a strong belly and a wicked sense of humor that is tickled by wicked bunnies in all the ways. The list of trigger warnings would be quite long so I won't bother listing them. This collection is not for the pure of heart or even remotely squeamish. If however, you are the type of person that enjoys laughing at things that you probably shouldn't be laughing at, this is quite the read. Returning are the irreverent ads that make fun of everything and being an Easter collection, if you were wondering if they'd "go there" then oh yes, they did go there... multiple times. Where is there you ask? Wherever the theme of Easter pops up (or in, in the case of one particular tale). There is sex, there is violence, and there are laughs. Be warned and be tickled by what these two whackos bring to the table."


J.D. Estrada

Author of Given to Fly, Dreams on the Sherbet Shore, & Only Human

"Holy shiv! This was all kinds of messed up. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some serious shocks. Oh my goodness! I will never look at bunnies in the same way again. They are to be feared!"


J.W. Donely

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