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Chromophobia is coming for Pippa!

I'm Screaming from the rooftop, I GOT INTO CHROMOPHOBIA! As you can guess from the title, Chromophobia is all about colour, or in the case of my story, Achromatica is about the lack of colour. Answering the question of what would happen if the world was white? I am a big believer in the world as a spectrum, we need colour, we need individuality, after all, variety is the spice of life.

This story was written in the wake of the George Floyd murder, when I was left questioning the horror of the hidden and not so hidden segregation in modern society, and the importance of colour in the world. The story is almost an allegory for the damage done when we allow the beauty of colour to be drained from our world, in favour of a white, hollow existence.

I was absolutely flawed and incredibly happy to find my story "Achromatica" accepted to the anthology CHROMOPHOBIA: A Strangehouse Anthology by Women in Horror, edited by the brilliant Bram Stoker award winning Sara Tantlinger and published by the amazing Nicholas Day and Don Noble of Rooster Republic Press. Check out their website to learn more about their other releases, their editors, and pre-made book covers. Chromophobia will be released in a limited hardcover during the summer of 2022, with trade paperback releases scheduled for Halloween 2022. You can pre-order the special edition hardback version here.

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